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How to list, create, remove a reparse point (symlink)?

come elencare, creare, cancellare i reparse point in windows (symlinks)

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A reparse point is what linux calls a symbolic link ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTFS_reparse_point).

Reparse point = NTFS symbolic links, directory junction points, volume mount points


  • “Remote-to-remote describes a computer accessing a remote symbolic link that points to a remote UNC path using SMB.“


In general:

hard link: link to a file (MFT entry) The data are still accessible as long as at least one link that points to it still exists.

  • NTFS HARD link: Hard links require an NTFS partition.With mklink /H or you can use FindLinks from http://www.microsoft.com/sysinternals   
  • Volume mount points are similar to Unixmount points, where the root of another file system is attached to a directory. In NTFS, this allows additional file systems to be mounted without requiring a separate drive letter (such as C: or D:) for each.

soft link: link to its name (file path)…

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