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Fix Duplicate WSUS ClientIDs Using PowerShell

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A common issue when using a ‘template’ or an OS image that hasn’t been sysprepped is that each client that has the same clientID will appear and disappear from the WSUS console (only 1 client will appear at a time).

A solution to this involves stopping the windows update service (wuauserv), then proceed to remove some Windows Update registry keys such as the following:


  • SusClientId
  • SusClientIdValidation
  • PingID
  • AccountDomainSid


  • LastWaitTimeout
  • DetectionStartTimeout
  • NextDetectionTime
  • AUState

Following that, you can remove the SoftwareDistribution folder on the system and then restart the Windows Update service.

Once that has been completed, you need to run the following command to force a check-in to the WSUS server and receive a new clientID and download required updates.

wuauclt /resetauthorization /detectnow command

In reviewing some of my old scripts and functions, I found this function that I have been wanting to put out to the community and…

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