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Powershell e il problema dei CSV senza riga di intestazione

Richard Siddaway's Blog

CSV files are great for passing information around and are very easy to use in your PowerShell scripts. Sometimes, your CSV may have a problem – for instance it doesn’t have a header row. At that point the data becomes a bit difficult to use:

£ Import-Csv .\htest.csv | Format-Table -AutoSize

Luckily there is an answer.  Create your own headers:

£ Import-Csv .\htest.csv -Header “Number”, “Colour”, “Price”, “Total” | Format-Table -AutoSize

Makes much more sense now.

You can also override existing headers

£ Import-Csv .\htest.csv -Header “Number”, “Colour”, “Price”, “Total”  |
>> select -Skip 1 | Format-Table -AutoSize

The select call is used to skip the old header row.

If you run queries in SQL Studio Management Studio and export the results to a CSV file you will get a file without headers. This technique comes in useful at that point.

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