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Multiple services on multiple servers–another way

un altro sistema per recuperare servizi multipli su server multipli con powershell

Richard Siddaway's Blog

A potentially simpler way to solve the issue of multiple servers and multiple services is to use a hash table

$data = @{
“server02” = “BITS”, “NtFrs”, “MSMQ”,  “Kdc”;
“exch10” = “MSExchangeAB”, “W32Time”, “W3SVC”

foreach ($server in $data.Keys){
Get-Service -ComputerName $server -Name ($data[$server]) |
select @{N=”Server”; E={$server}}, Status, Name, DisplayName

The data structure is a bit more intuitive as you can see the direct link between the server and its list of services.

A version using PSObjects is available on the forum – http://powershell.org/wp/forums/topic/help-to-output-array/

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